ZXN TCount

ZXN TCount


ZXN TCount is a tool that can count Z80 and ZXN extended instruction clock cycle counts.


  • Paste in your Z80 asm and it will tell you the T count for each line and total T count
  • Based on data hosted here. Thank you ClrHome and Ped7g!
  • Includes ZXN Extended OpCodes (core v2.00.22)
  • SjASM multi-line instruction support



Release Notes

Date Description
24-08-2021 v1.1.5 - Add indent and instruction separator options
24-08-2021 v1.1.4 - Sort bug fix
19-08-2021 v1.1.3 - Add Select All button, Min/Max TCount
18-08-2021 v1.1.2 - Load and save custom Instructions.ini
17-08-2021 v1.1.1 - Fix label parsing bug
17-08-2021 v1.1.0 - Add comments and multi-line copy and save support
16-08-2021 v1.0.9 - Changed to use RichTextBox and highlighting synch
14-08-2021 v1.0.8 - Improved regex (thanks Ped7g). Fixed opcodes
13-08-2021 v1.0.7 - Improved sorting and regex (thanks Ped7g). Added values to descriptions
12-08-2021 v1.0.6 - Add back color for undocumented and zxn instructions
11-08-2021 v1.0.5 - Now uses improved z80/zxn instruction set from here (thanks Ped7g)
11-08-2021 v1.0.4 - Fix for ld hl,(**) detection
05-08-2021 v1.0.3 - Change to ListView control, add toolbar, menubar and context menu
04-08-2021 v1.0.2 - Add Load and Save Settings, Flag and Description output
04-08-2021 v1.0.1 - Include Byte Count option
03-08-2021 v1.0.0 - First Release