ControlsDat is software to edit the ControlsDat data file which is to describe controls used for arcade games.


  • Shows which games have a ControlsDat entry, which don't and also shows parent ControlsDat info for clones.
  • Filter the list, showing only ControlsDat games, all games, parents or clones only and verified or unverified games.
  • Sort games by any column including Name, ROM, Source, CloneOf, RomOf, Parent, Constants, Controls, NumPlayers, NumButtons, Alternating, Mirrored, UsesService, Tilt, Cocktail and MiscDetails.
  • Launch the game directly for testing
  • View the control panel
  • Colors.ini integration. You can select from color swatches or pick a color from the CP and it will select the closest color in the swatch
  • Copy/Paste/Delete Controls.Dat entries so you can copy entries that are the same such as mahjong games etc.
  • View Dip Switches for games which can help determine if it has cocktail mode or alternating game play
  • Verified flag allows games to be added that are not officially verified as correct
  • Export Controls.xml or Controls.ini and choose to include verified or unverified games or all games.
  • CatVer and MameDiff support


Release Notes

  • 12-08-2009 v1.2.2 BETA - Moved export options into form. Can include or exclude color data. Can export colors.ini.
  • 08-09-2008 v1.2.1 BETA - First release