Texture Packer

Texture Packer


Texture Packer is a program that packs images into textures for use in OpenGL and DirectX applications. It creates a data file which gives the name and coordinates of each image in the texture. These are also known as a texture atlas. It uses a rectangle packing algorithm based on the pseudo code in the article by Jim Scott.


  • Supports .png, .bmp, .jpg, .gif and .tif image formats
  • Recursively process a directory of images
  • Output to text or xml format
  • Supports multiple texture output
  • Supports spacing between texture and alpha or colored backgrounds
  • Use size limits to fit more images or resize images
  • Supports Nearest Neighbor or Bilinear filtering
  • Supports resizing to nearest power of 2 and maintaining aspect ratio
  • Includes Sprite Sheet Slicer tool for cutting up sprite sheets into separate image files


Release Notes

Date Description
15-08-2012 v1.6.1 - Faster image file size reading
29-01-2012 v1.5 - Added support for multiple folders and post-processing using a batch file
13-06-2011 v1.4 - Added Sprite Sheet Slicer tool
11-11-2010 v1.3 - Improved speed and sorting
20-06-2010 v1.2 - Added support for loading and saving settings
01-05-2010 v1.1 - Added pcx support & Fill Spacing option
14-02-2010 v1.0 - First Release


Source Code on GitHub
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