JUNGOOL is a physics based platform adventure with a touch of puzzle solving.

The village Shaman has foreseen a shadow casting gloom over the peaceful jungle and contaminating all that is good. But more shockingly the young ones have gone missing as well as the sacred masks.

You play the roll of Wagga, 'an all round hero', flying, swimming, bouncing and spinning your way through 30 breathtaking locations, solving puzzles, facing foes, discovering secrets and saving the tribal young, all to become the 'greatest hero of all time'. But time is running out... so you'd better get rolling!


  • 30 gorgeous levels and locations
  • Thought provoking quests and puzzles to solve
  • Several unique obstables and enemies to avoid - beware of the Hunters!
  • Gamepad style controls
  • Gems to collect and bonus levels to unlock
  • OpenFeint and Game Center support
  • Objectives, achievements and leaderboards
  • Amazing graphics and animation
  • Pumping jungle inspired soundtrack
  • Retina support



What's New In Version 1.2

  • Two new and varied bonus levels
  • Tweaks and improvements to the controls
  • Helpful hints from the Shaman for the first level
  • Tips for most levels (accessed from the pause screen)
  • Instructions and game information (accessed from the title screen)
  • New health bar
  • A selection of levels made easier (a little)
  • Improvements to control in Pinball levels
  • iCade support
  • Fixes to save system
  • A new introductory price

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.1 or later
  • 132 MB



Visit jungool.com for media, support and more info