Windoze Solitaire Update

Another great Windoze Solitaire update.

  • Game Pack 10 (As You Like It, Baroness, British Square, Captive Queens, Friday the 13th, Grandfather's Clock, Great Wheel, St. Helena, Sultan and Toad in the Hole)
  • Stalemate checking added to all games
  • Timed hints added to more games
  • Automatic tableau building
  • Fix for foundation error in Chessboard
  • Fix for undo in Flower Garden
  • Fix for loading of saved games in Monte Carlo
  • Improved user interface
  • Easier purchases of additional game packs
  • Added effects to game completion
  • Increased save positions
  • More achievements
  • 4 new deck designs (Dogs & More Dogs, Horror Classics, Screen Legends, and Vintage Gaming)
  • Option to use the default iOS UI skin