HDA Audio Codec verb configuration application. See section Configuration Default of the High Definition Audio Specification


The original Pin Configurator was released back in 2009 by saxmms. The app crashes when running on 10.14.4 and the source was not available so I had to reverse it from the binary which took many hours of work. I've also re-written most of it and added some new features (see "Updates in v2+" section) but the original is by saxmms so big thanks to him.


  • Parse pin configs from ConfigData, VoodooHDA and Linux, the program will determine the type of dump itself and select all the necessary ones
  • Add, delete and edit nodes
  • "Compile" a new ConfigData with a replaceable Codec address (the first digit of the configs pin)
  • Attempt to make ApplyFix

Updates in v2+

  • Added icon / support for Dark Mode / 64-bit
  • Re-written Voodoo / Linux / ConfigData codec dump file parsing
  • Added support for importing / exporting EAPD (70c) verbs
  • Changed the "Apply Fix" method to work the same as verbit (thanks to Signal64 / THe KiNG)
  • Create default node for "Headphone Mic Boost Volume" (insanelyDeepak)
  • Added Import / Export PinConfigs.kext
  • Added Import IORegistry pin configuration
  • Added Import HdaCodecDump.efi format
  • Added Export verbs.txt
  • Added Export HdaCodec.txt (Linux-style codec dump format)
  • Can open Clover r4887+ audio codec dumps (press F8 from Clover menu to dump to EFI/CLOVER/misc folder)
  • Fixed HDA Audio spec issues (eg. Split location into gross / geometric values, made misc and EAPD bit fields)


  • File->Open... your Voodoo, Linux or Config Data (Pin Configurator will detect format)
  • Select Patch->Apply Verbit Fix menu to sanitize verb data
  • Select File->Export->PinsConfig.kext to export your pin data to PinConfigs.kext/Contents/Info.plist

What Patch->Apply Verbit Fix does now

  • Fix "Headphone Mic Boost Volume" (insanelyDeepak)
  • Remove 0x411111F0 / 0x400000F0
  • Remove CD at INT ATAPI
  • 0x71C: Index should always be 0
  • 0x71C: Group should be unique
  • 0x71D: Set all Misc to 0 (Jack Detect)
  • 0x71F: Front Panel change Location from 2 to 1
  • 0x71E: Line Out must be set to Speaker for Headphone autodetect to work correctly (Rodion2010)
  • 0x71E / 0x71F: First Microphone Port set to Fixed / Location set to Internal, N/A and Connector set to Unknown (Enables DSP Noise Reduction - Rodion2010)
  • 0x71E: Second Microphone Device set to Line In / Connector set to Unknown (Ext Mic doesn't work on Hackintoshes - Rodion2010)
  • 0x71E: Remove if Device set to Digital Other Out (HDMI)

Additional Information

The letters G and P (the last two columns) are Group (Default Association) and Position (Index, Sequence), i.e. group and device number of the group.
Switch excludes from the list of nodes disabled at the level of "iron" (port = 4)



  • saxmms for writing the original software on which this project is based
  • Ben Baker for reversing the software, updating and maintaining it