[Tool] Flashrom v1.2 [DOS]

Here’s a compiled version of flashrom with Ryzen support (https://github.com/tolga9009/flashrom/tree/ryzen 125). It includes the libpci library so it supports the -p internal flag. It’s possible to compile libpci on Windows using MinGW 11 and DJGPP 5 so I’ve also attached the "libpci-libgetopt" folder with the pre-compiled libraries included so you can compile your own version easily.

Use this to compile it from MSYS:

make CC=i586-pc-msdosdjgpp-gcc STRIP=i586-pc-msdosdjgpp-strip LIBS_BASE=../libpci-libgetopt CONFIG_ENABLE_LIBUSB1_PROGRAMMERS=no 

I've also included a version of Rufus that will create an MS-DOS boot disk. NOTE: You may need to enable the Compatibility Support Module (CSM) in your BIOS to boot it.

To backup your BIOS:

flashrom -p internal -r BACKUP.ROM 

To write your own custom BIOS:

flashrom -p internal -w MOD.ROM 

flashrom.zip (279 KB)

libpci-libgetopt.zip (185 KB)

Rufus_3.8.1579_Win10_MSDOS-Mod.zip (1.91 MB)