This program will allow you to send coin drops to MAME from within your front-end. It runs in the background using a very small amount of CPU. When it detects a coin drop it will play a sound effect and store the amount of coins in memory. When you start MAME you can press the start keys and a credit is automatically registerd and starts the game. Dropping coins outside of MAME means you can carry over credits to multiple games.



How do I set this thing up on my cab?
Just extract the folder to somewhere on your machine and create a link to CoinDrop.exe on bootup.

Version History

  • v1.3 (13-01-2006) - Now you can carry over credits inserted in MAME
  • v1.2 (12-01-2006) - WhiteList/BlackList added. Now you can say when coindrop is allowed to register credits
  • v1.1 (25-12-2005) - You now press the Start keys to drop coins and can now carry on credits to multiple games.
  • v1.0 (24-12-2005) - First Release

NOTE: You may not use this software in a commercial setting.