EFI Agent

EFI Agent

Simple, low resource, efficient and no frills tool to mount EFI partitions.


  • Shows EFI disks to mount / unmount and open in Finder
  • Shows disk icons and color-coded partition scheme
  • Shows boot EFI partition (uses IODeviceTree:/chosen/boot-device-path if IODeviceTree:/options/efi-boot-device is unavailable)
  • Shows link for APFS containers to physical store and vice versa
  • Shows device name if media name is not available
  • Mount / unmount, eject and open context menu for partition scheme table
  • Tools to delete APFS container or converting HFS to APFS
  • Shows notifications on disk actions
  • Percentage bars show space used on mounted partitions
  • Drag the position of the splitter to adjust the table views
  • Launch at Login option


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2