CPWizard (Install)

Install CPWizard

1. Download and run setup.exe to install

2. Click next until the setup wizard is complete

3. Select Start > Programs > CPWizard > CPWizard

4. Browse to your Mame exe by clicking the [...] button


5. Click Ok and wait for CPWizard to finish reading all the data files in

7. Select View > Preview

8. Select a game from the list, then press the Show button

9. A Preview of the menu system will show. Use the cursor keys to navigate and Left Control to select a menu item.

10. Select Control Panel to view your control panel with the selected game.

When you minimize CPWizard it will go to the Icon Tray. You can run Mame and press the show  key (default 'L') and the CPWizard will show it's Menu system.

You can make CPWizard Run on Startup by selecting Edit > Options > General tab and put a tick next to "Run on Startup".

For more information on how to use CPWizard select Help > Help from the menu.